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"The BEER BARRELS" are a 3 piece Oompa-pa dance band who have been performing professionally for approximately the last 25 years.

The instrumentation of our band consists of:
• Midi Accordion (The midi gives the accordion a large range of orchestra affects)

• Various Saxophones (Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax)
• Drums and Keyboard

Throughout the year we perform for private functions (example: Weddings, Anniversaries, Pub parties) along with playing for the local European clubs around town (example: Vancouver Alpen Club). However, our favorite time of the year is "OKTOBERFEST", which is when we change our presentation style of being a 'dance band', and become more of a 'show band'. As an Oktoberfest band, we not only play the great traditional Oompa-pa music and German 'drinking songs', but we also strive to amuse our audiences with visual affects as well as getting them involved with Oktoberfest antics such as Yodeling and Beer drinking contests. Also, as an example of the kinds of fun we might have with the audience ... (depending on the atmosphere), we may feature various comedy routines such as:

• 'ELVIS' Live (The original hotdog from Germany)
• Beerbarrel rap (spoof on MC Hammer)
• Julio & Willie Nelson (also known as Julio & Willie Schmidt)
• Various German imitations
• Male versus Female singing contests
• Stripper spoof

These are but just a few of the many routines we may do in an evenings' presentation. However, we don't pre-plan our sets like many other bands.

We prefer to try and create a spontaneous "party atmosphere" where both the audience and "The Beerbarrels" enjoy themselves.

We strongly believe that when "The BeerBarrels" are having fun and present a lively party atmosphere, then the patrons are also likely to have a memorable evening.

Over the years we have become very accomplished in presenting our music, and as a result have many repeat "Oktoberfest" clients such as Whistler Mountain resorts (Played as a feature band for 3 years for approximately 1600 People).

We have also performed at other Whistler Mountain functions such as "The Brewhouse Pub Oktoberfest", wandering musicians through Whistler square, and various hotel openings.

• Vancouver Golf & Country Club
• Hazelmere Golf & Country Club

Many pubs, including
• Gillnetter Pub (4 years)
• Sawbucks Pub (12 years)
• Maverick's Pub (old Unicorn Pub - 4 years)
• Wheelhouse Pub (3 years)
• Shark Club (downtown & Abbotsford, 2 years)
• Big Ridge Brewing Company (3 years)
• Yaletown Brewing Company, + many more)

Noteable Entertainment & Events is a Vancouver based booking agency, party rental, entertainment services and event production company. If you are interested in booking The Beer Barrels please contact us.