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54-40 have always opted to go their own way by making records that feel natural in relationship to their time, their place and their mood. In 1986 the Vancouver quartet created their self-titled first album for Warner/Reprise known to fans as the Green Album. It featured the classic signature tracks "I Go Blind" and "Baby Ran." From there they produced two more albums for Warner/Reprise Show Me and Fight For Love containing mainstay radio staples "One Gun," "Miss You," "One Day In Your Life" to name a few. In 1990 the band moved on to Columbia Records. Radio and fans responded to their new label debut Dear Dear as it carved out the solid rock tunes "She-La" and "Nice To Love You." The follow-up was the jagged autobiographical story of Smilin' Buddha Cabaret. The album was a journey to the places that had influenced the band from their start. The session tapes contained over 35 songs to choose from and out of it emerged the gem "Ocean Pearl".

Trusted By Millions, the third album for Columbia, was solid pop/rock. Radio friendly tunes "Love You All," "Lies To Me" and "Crossing A Canyon" garnered top spins at rock/album oriented stations across the country. 1998 brought us Since When, a beautiful album that sounded old and new at the same time, in a way that only a band with a two decade long history can manage. The double disc Heavy Mellow followed in 1999. It showcased both the driving rock side of the band's live set with their more reflective arrangements. Casual Viewin', released in 2001, drew from 60's soul and hip hop grooves and in the words of Neil Osborne, is a "feel good groove record'. Put all these albums together and pick the catchiest singles and you get Radio Love Songs, The Singles Collection. Released in April 2002 the album included two new tracks and a plethora of favorites from the past.

After more than 20 years of consistently creating some of Canada's most recognizable and memorable classic alternative rock, the latest chapter in the history of this prolific band is the release of their tenth studio recording Goodbye Flatland. It's a sonic reminder of why 54o40 is so deeply rooted in the fabric of our music scene and what makes the band so damn good.

With any great rock group it always comes down to the sum of parts. While it's easy to say 54o40 defines this statement - it's the relentless power and rhythm of drummer Matt Johnson and bassist Brad Merritt, the crafty edge of Phil Comparelli's guitar work and the signature phrasing, timbre and lyrical muse of lead singer Neil Osborne that drives the point home. Collectively, all of these elements resonate within the 11 tracks of Goodbye Flatland. A thoughtful and supercharged collection of material that sizzles with the snap crackle and pop of post modern intensity, and something else. It's a certain kind of feeling that only a 54-40 album can deliver - very familiar to the group's legions of fans and a seductive introduction for new recruits.

A glowing, razor sharp final mix by studio whiz Warne Livesey (The The, Midnight Oil, The Mathew Good Band) reveals the obviously inspired session co-produced by Osborne and engineer Howard Redekopp. A sonic exploration worthy of some serious headphone action without losing sight of the fact that at the core, 54o40 is a rock band - that,! The first two singles Animal In Pain and Take Me Out provide proof on that count and the album, as a whole, once again, displays the group's top shelf songwriting skills and ever maturing pop craftsmanship.

After almost two decades in the musical trenches, 54-40 show no sign of slowing down.

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