The Queen

Ever wonder . . . ?
What does the Queen carry in her handbag?

What do the Royals say to each other as they wave from the balcony?

Wouldn't you like to invite the Queen to your next function, so you and your guests could ask these questions firsthand?

Here's your chance. Events large or small sparkle as Queen Elizabeth, looking remarkably like comic Carolyn Sadowska, arrives in her elegant regalia.

"The Queen" exchanges witty repartee while mingling with guests at your reception, acts as M.C. for the evening's entertainment, and/or entertains the crowd using comedy material relevant to the occasional.

This remarkable and hilarious look-alike is perfect for conferences, conventions, staff parties and private functions like birthdays, retirements and fact, any special event requiring a sensitive, intelligent and uplifting style of humour. It's all in good taste. It's fun, it's different, it's the finest display of a royal replica you've ever seen! She walks, she talks, she waves, she shakes your hand.

Now really . . .
Will you ever get this close to the real thing?

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