Checkerboard Guy

It all started back in 1981 with three bundles of socks in the laundry basket, a desire to learn how to juggle, and more than a bit of natural showmanship.

"The Checkerboard Guy" became David Aiken's moniker in 1988, but his taste for checkers started years earlier; one might even say that Dave had a bit of a 'checkered past'.

Regarded internationally as one of the top entertainers in his field, The Checkerboard Guy is known from Canada to Europe to Japan as "The Champagne of Street Theatre," "The Prince of the Pavement," and even "The Checker Cab of Comic Daredevilism".

His life's purpose is to make people laugh; so if you like what you see in the rest of this press kit, or have further questions, please send Dave an email and he'll be happy to give you a call or send you one of his paper kits to peruse at your pleasure.

He looks forward to performing in your neck of the woods; thanks for stopping by!

The Beginning
On August 16, 1772, Sir David Aiken was playing golf with Captain James T. Cook. In the jubilation of finishing the game, Sir David attempted to keep three golf balls in the air at the same time. Sadly, this was a strict no-no in 18th century golf (at least according to Captain Cook); Sir David was hung by his tongue from the flag at the 18th hole and left to be eaten by buzzards.

Exactly 209 years later in Nepean, Ontario, Dave Aiken, the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Sir David Aiken sat bored in his mommy's laundry room. Deep in his subconscious he felt an inkling to become buzzard bait. Fighting this urge, he folded the laundry instead. Moments later, while carrying this laundry down the stairs, he stepped on his skateboard and headed south.

Dave was very surprised to find himself juggling 12 bundles of socks, 4 t-shirts and a pair of Fruit-of-the-Looms® while at the same time madly bouncing down three flights of stairs on his "Chariot of Death". It was the sound of his mother laughing herself silly that made him realize what his future career would entail - "Gosh-Darn Goofy" stunts and lots of laughter.

When his mother regained her composure, the young Comic Daredevil was grounded for a week for dumping the laundry and was sent to bed without dessert.

The End.

The Stunts
The Checkerboard Guy, Comic Daredevil, has three possible stunt finales, thus being able to perform three entirely different shows in a given day!

With the first finale, the uneducated passerby might think they see a guy on a one-wheeled bike trying to keep a garage sale aloft. In actual fact, the discerning audience immediately realizes that The Checkerboard Guy is juggling a burning torch, a 13th-century replica battle axe, and a stinky shoe while madly driving around on a unicycle that's taller than he is! (Finale #1: The Six Foot Unicycle of Death Cartoon)

With the second finale, a casual passerby might think they see him tossing around three sticks while balancing on a piece of rope. But the Checkerboard Guy's audience is so well-trained by this point that they immediately notice that the sticks are burning! In fact, they are blazing! The Checkerboard Guy is juggling blazing torches while precariously balancing on a nylon rope that's less than an inch wide, supported by six brawny volunteers, eight feet in the air! (Finale #2: The Tight Rope of Death Cartoon)

Dave's third and final possible finale is the only one that involves a gasoline-powered motor vehicle. And fire. And a volunteer from the audience. And a ramp. In fact, without the benefit of training, one might think they saw The Checkerboard Guy, Comic Daredevil, preparing to jump his 2hp motor scooter over a member of the audience who is lying at the end of a ramp holding two lit torches high in the air! (Finale #3: The Flaming Leap of Death Cartoon)

It would probably be best to hire yourself The Checkerboard Guy, become an audience member, live the adventure and then decide for yourself what this one is really all about ....

All three finales are extremely funny and all are sure crowd pleasers. Every time. Guaranteed.

What He Can Do
Super stunts; unicycling; balloon origami; program his vcr to tape different shows on different days of the week; balance on an 8-foot tall straight ladder that's not leaning against anything; walk on a tightrope; cigar box manipulation; kinibbling; 7-ball juggling; make extremely tasty waffles; 5-club juggling; torch, cleaver and machete juggling; generally thrill audiences of all sizes, ages and descriptions.

Where He's Done It
Corporate events for - Air Canada, the Bank of Montreal, Jaguar of Canada, the National Capital Commission, the MS Society of Canada, the Sunshine Foundation, Canadian Springs Water Company, Honda and Safeway to name but a few.

International Festivals
• Hana Haku Expo - Osaka, Japan; 1990
• World Expo '92 - Seville, Spain; 1992
• World Expo '93 - Tae Jon, Korea; 1993
• World Festival Exposition - Mie, Japan; 1994
• World Ceramics Exposition - Saga, Japan; 1996

Comedy Festivals
• The Vancouver Comedy Festival - Vancouver, Canada; 1989, 1992-95, 1997
• The Brisbane Comedy Bonanza - Brisbane, Australia; 1993
• The Sechelt Comedy Festival - Sechelt, Canada; 1994

Fringe Festivals
• The Adelaide Fringe Festival - Adelaide, Australia; 1990
• The Winnipeg Fringe Festival - Winnipeg, Canada; 1989, 1990, 1999
• The Edmonton Fringe Festival - Edmonton, Canada; 1989-94, 1999
• The Vancouver Fringe Festival - Vancouver, Canada; 1995-96

Music Festivals
• The Montreal Jazz Festival - Montreal, Canada; 1986-88
• The Dawson City Music Festival - Dawson City, Canada; 1990
• The Riverbend Music Festival - Chattanooga, USA; 1992-93, 1997
• The Summerlights Music Festival - Nashville, USA; 1993

Children's Festivals
• The Winnipeg Children's Festival - Winnipeg, Canada; 1990, 1997, 1998
• The Canadian Northern Children's Festival - Prince George, Canada; 1991, 1997
• The Regina Int'l Children's Festival - Regina, Canada; 1991, 1996
• The Comox "Kid's Fest" - Comox, Canada; 1992, 1994

Street Performers Festivals
• The Halifax Buskers Festival - Halifax, Canada; 1988, 1990-91, 1995
(Co-winner of the JOR Busker's Prize in 1988 for the most original act)
• The Edmonton International Street Performer's Festival - Edmonton, Canada; 1989, 1995, 1997
• The Kingston Buskers Rendezvous - Kingston, Canada; 1992-94, 1996, 1997
(Best Overall Act 1996) • The Whistler Summer Street Festival - Whistler, Canada; 1989-92, 1994-99

Ag Fairs/Exhibitions/Theme Parks
• The Pacific National Exhibition - Vancouver, Canada; 1992-98
• The Calgary Stampede - Calgary, Canada; 1995, 1999
• The Red River Exhibition - Winnipeg, Canada; 1999
• The Royal Easter Show - Sydney, Australia; 1993
• The Niji No Sato Theme Park - Shuzenji, Japan; 1995-96
• The Noboribetsu Marine Park - Nobori-betsu, Japan; 1996-99

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