Andrew Johns

Andrew Johns is a "one man show" and NOT the "one man band" type of show that phrase conjures up. No cymbals pinned to his ears, no bass drum on his back. Just a few keyboards and a drum machine and a pile of talent with a huge repertoire and diversity. He has been compared to Victor Borge as his sometimes "goofy" nature and cerebral sense of humour can shine through... usually at the appropriate moments. He can also be described as a combination of Billy Joel and Elton John with fabulous renditions of both artists as well as many other popular pianists and soloists.

But, it doesn't stop there. Andrew's amazing vocal range allows him to tackle everything from light Opera including Les Mis and the Phantom all the way over to impersonating Louis Armstrong, Norah Jones, Macy Gray and Led Zeppelin.

One of the biggest plusses with Andrew Johns is that you have everything you need in one person. He can start your evening with reception music, move into dinner sets with classical and little bits of jazz and then take the evening into a full dance party. Yes, without computers or tapes Andrew can pump up the volume and have a full dance party going "all by himself"!!... Of course the hands and feet are flying to try to keep up but it sure sounds like you have a full band on stage. With a little vocal trickery, you even have some harmonies that you're not sure how where they are coming from. Just ask him though, he'll show you how it all works. Mostly it's thanks to his classical piano background and perfect pitch as a child that has led to the amazing ability to mimic and cover SO many genres and styles. Basically if he's heard it, he can play it.

So if you're looking for Elton, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Glenn Miller, Earth Wind and FIre, Michael Buble, Muse, Seal, John Mayer, Journey, Billy Joel, The Fray, Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Buffet, Van Morrison, Zac Brown Band, Sting, ABBA, Garth Brooks, Average White Band, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, Lady Antebellum and many more then Andrew Johns is your obvious choice. Even Lady Gaga has been known to creep into the middle of a song.

Between the comedy and true talent lies "the one man show" of Andrew Johns

Andrew can also write and/or tailor songs to suite your events and also does fully orchestrated awards shows including Stingers and Walk Ups as well as customized heart felt background pieces or pulsating grooves to keep and awards show moving and interesting. He has also done soundtracks for corporate video and played "live" to video at events as well.

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