Kenny Shaw

Kenny Shaw is a multi-talented entertainer with a well-deserved reputation of drawing his audiences into a wacky world of high-powered comedy and music, comical skits and hilarious one-liners.

His show is liberally laced with crafty impressions, hysterical comedy and incredible musical tributes to his (and his clients) favorite entertainers. He integrates the hits of contemporary entertainers from the past three decades with humorous sketches of Dr. Ruth, Stompin’ Tom Connors, Bob Dylan, Ed Sullivan, The Beatles and many more.

Kenny also brings together some unlikely pairs on stage, such as Reverend Jim (Christopher Lloyd) and Jack Nicholson, Johnny Cash and Dwight Yoakum belting out a duet, and Elmer Fudd and Mr. Magoo are not missed!

Kenny is also famous for his wonderful Waylon and Willie tribute. Along with the many awards that he has earned over the years, Kenny also has a loyal following of fans from across the country, and he constantly generates standing ovations from his audiences.

A master of the live stage, Kenny is constantly updating his material and integrates his audiences industry and interests into his performances in a fashion that has endeared him to his clients again and again. With a reputation for hysterically funny presentations and a sense of the wild side, Kenny Shaw is a guaranteed success at any event.

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