Bro Gilbert

Most magicians spend their entire careers chasing the spotlight. Bro Gilbert has spent his hiding in the shadows.

Considered by his peers as one of the most creative talents of his generation both as a performer and as a creator of mind blowing magic effects. Justin (Bro) Gilbert's unique magic has raised the bar.

Beyond an exclusive and limited live performance schedule Bro Gilbert works behind the curtain creating magic and illusion for the best magicians in the world, most recently as a writer and consultant for the hit A and E television series Criss Angel "Mindfreak".

(For fun click the play icon in the photo to watch Justin (Bro) Gilbert adding some drama whilst consulting on Criss Angel's "Mindfreak" series).

Bro Gilbert also teamed up with legendary magician Paul Harris and produced/directed and starred in his ground breaking 9 dvd instructional series for magicians "True Astonishments". Which has been described by those in the know as the most important contribution to the art of magic in the last 30 years.

Think of the most amazing magic you've seen on television... there is a good chance that Bro Gilbert had a hand in creating it.

Bro Gilbert's modern style of conversational magic will leave your guests absolutely mesmerized! Whether on stage performing for hundreds or blending mindfully into your intimate event creating quiet miracles, there is a reason why Bro Gilbert for many has become "the go to guy".

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