Platinum Blonde

An extended play L.P. entitled "Six Track Attack" started our Platinum Blonde CBS recording career back in '83. We were turned down a couple of times during the label shopping days while touring full time. The original destined line-up consisted of Mark Holmes (bass, vocals), Sergio Galli (guitar), and Chris Steffler (drums). It was in the days when "tribute" bands were hot and we were doing a rock salute to a band we were really digging at the time - The Police. We also injected original material into our rock gig and sculpted the material as we toured from city to city. It was a great excuse to play live and rock for the cash needed to springboard the recording career aspect of the band. Recording was our original goal as well as earning spending money, meeting cool people and drinking imported ale.

Fortunately, our sometimes brilliant personal manager, Bruce Barrow with various savvy strategies networked the CBS record company now present day Sony BMG. Bruce also networked co-manager Tony Tsavdaris who shaped the management team as a executive producer and team partner. This established a solid management tag team along with label mates in CBS. Other notable characters in this rock fantasy come true are Brit producer David Tickle who also worked for years with Peter Gabriel and Split Enz Eddy Offord, also a Brit-based producer who worked our most successfull disc Alien Shores and worked with some great people like Yes (6 albums), John Lennon and The Police.

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