Theme Parties

Klondike Gold Rush

Noteable Entertainment specializes in Them Décor, stage sets, and creative design for corporate special events, trade shows and meetings.

In addition to our specialty items we can custom create stage sets for design elements for the specific needs of your function.

Noteable Theme Parties

Dancing girls, gambling and a raucous good time! Sound like Las Vegas? Nope, it’s a trip back through time, to the “Theatre Royale Saloon” symbolic of one of the west coasts most historical eras: The “Klondike Gold Rush”

Your journey begins in a majestic, pristine forest.
You’ve got to keep a keen eye, as the woods are filled with indigenous wildlife (bear cubs, cougars and birds of prey). A prospector’s camp (prospectors tents, tools of the trade and entertaining miner stories), and a native Indian village (with totem’s teepee’s and native Indians dressed in traditional costume)

Theatre Royale Saloon
Your trek through the wilderness has made you thirsty for fun, food and frivolity and a saloon is just what the doctor ordered. Before you even enter the saloon, you know you’ve found the right place, as bawdy honkey tonk piano music assaults your senses.

Tip your hat to the northwest mounted policeman as you make your way through the swinging saloon door entrance. You’ll need a moment to catch your breath as you marvel at the spectacle. The theatre royale stage stands before you with a black velour backdrop draped in shimmering mylar and an archway with the theatre royale logo.

The logo is flanked by embossed, gilded can can dancers. Belly up to the 32’ authentic oak bar for a refreshment or two then take your seat at one of the tables covered in read and white checkered table clothes with red storm lanterns serving as table centerpieces.

“Klondike Kate” and her cancan girls will take to the stage, to present a performance designed for audience participation like none you’ve seen before, including, singing, dancing and hilarious stories. Before the “Klondike Kate Review” begins, chech out some of the other activities the saloon has to offer:

Gold Panning:
Off to one corner, there is an old prospector who will gladly teach you how to pan for gold and tell tall tales of the old frontier. Dip your pan into the chilly waters of the gold panning troughs and if you find a piece of gold, it’s yours to keep. Our prospector with assay it for you (be it real or fool’s gold)

Casino Royale:
Test your skill (and Luck) at Blackjack, roulette and wheel’s o’ fortune. You’ll require hard currency (which can be printed with your corporate logo), too many shadey adventurers have tried to pass of fool’s gold on the unsuspecting dealers

Fastest Gun In The West:
Match your gun tottin’ skills against the quick draw gun club, who will also demonstrate some fancy gun-spinnin’.