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For all of Western Canada, we are your one stop shop. We continually strive to bring the newest and best entertainment to you. Below are the newest entertainers that have been added to our extensive roster.
  • Peter Adamo

    Confident, professional, consistant & entertaining style plus a memorable voice that delivers your message with enthusiasm, humour, passion ...
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  • Emily Taylor Adams

    A country music sweet heart. Her soulful voice, rich in tone is the perfect backdrop to her storytelling lyrics...
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  • Rollin' Train Wreck

    The Rollin’ Trainwreck is a bluegrass-country-rock inspired trio. They don't get their name for nothin'...
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  • Jared Suitor

    Jared Suitor is an artist that fuses many musical styles in order to create his own ...
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  • Nikita Afonso

    Folky melodies and honest lyrics mixed with breathy yet strong vocals captivates audiences from the vibrant young to the charming old ...
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  • Beauty Shop Dolls

    A vintage vocal trio with a charming, colourful take on the classic stylings of The Andrew Sisters, or The Chordettes ...
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