Theme Parties

Austin Powers

Noteable Entertainment specializes in Them Décor, stage sets, and creative design for corporate special events, trade shows and meetings.

In addition to our specialty items we can custom create stage sets for design elements for the specific needs of your function.

Noteable Theme Parties

It's seven o'clock and your guests arrive wearing smiles as big as their polyester collars. They walk past a row of sixties and seventies cars and reminisce about how they were made of metal in a time before fibreglass vehicles even existed. They know exactly where to go as the entrance of the room is defined by fog and multicoloured light beams which attracts them like Austin Powers to his mojo!

The groovy music and savoury aromas lure them into the room. This is where the atmosphere of the room first hits them and puts them under Dr. Evil's party trance. The true flavour of the era is immediately evident by the amount of colour and light swirling in a kaleidoscope of far out psychedelic patterns. The music is happening and it makes all of your guests want to get up and ...” do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight”...! On their way to the dance floor, someone screams “IT'S DR. EVIL!” But before any autographs are signed, they realize that it's just an impersonator helping to make the evening's theme.

The food is about to be served and your guests are seated. They begin laughing and amusing themselves with items from the centre pieces which consist of faux butterflies, bright flowers, happy face pins, etc. Shagadelic Swingers Baby Yeah!Your guests just can't sit any longer as the Shagadelic Swingers take to the stage fuelled by hits from the sixties to today. They dance and laugh as some of the most memorable characters from the Austin Power's movie come to life. The Shagadelic Swingers are sure to get your guest's mojo pumping! BABY YEAH!!

As Dr. Evil's party trance slowly starts to subside, your guests leave with the feeling that time travel really is possible, having enjoyed a wide range of groovy music styles from the sixties and seventies, their favourite characters from the Austin Power's movies and enjoyed a wide selection of B.C.'s finest fare.