Here's a good recipe for disaster: Take three long aluminum poles, join them together at their centers at right angles to each other, and put the result on the ground.

Then perform acrobatics on it... ...that's exactly what Peter Boulanger and Ninon Parent do. The structure is called the Tesseract, and it was modeled after the X-Y-Z axis of three-dimensional space.

It looks like a jack, from the kid's game of jacks and balls, only about 8 feet tall, and it forms the base and performance space for Peter and Ninon's unique style of acrobatics.

Our newest choreography, a darker, more seductive version of our act.

Ninon is a creature of the tesseract, it's her web, her trap.

Peter is drawn into the trap by the fascination and curiosity that grow in him as he interacts with the fantastic creature of the web.

One of the most heard comments, - "They look like they're having so much fun".

It's because they are. It's no wonder that they've been called "The Two and Only".

Ninon's saucy and irreverent attitude, and Peter's mostly calm but slightly psychotic persona create an arena where anything can happen, but the controlled chaos they create comes together in a warm and delightfully hilarious performance.

"You may be the next victim of this outrageous couple" -it's a warning that audiences better pay attention to, as Peter Boulanger and Ninon Parent look for volunteers to help in their show.

The people they bring up always end up having the time of their lives, because Peter and Ninon take care that their volunteers have a lot of fun, but they're up their for a reason, and the reason is to help with the comedy impact that Tesseract is famous for.

They somehow manage to combine their comedy with amazingly smooth acrobatics on their signature structure, the Tesseract. After nine years, they make moving around the angled bars look as natural as walking. The one of a kind structure and the acrobatic movement they perform on it were invented and developed by Peter and Ninon, and refined though years of performing to thrilled audiences.