Steve Ivings

Jack Nicholson describing his first date, Jimmy Stewart giving diet tips, Sean Connery expressing his love for the Scottish sport of curling...

It's all part of the fun when Steve Ivings unleashes his repertoire of over one hundred celebrity impressions onstage. Television personalities, Politicians, movie stars, everybody's a target for Steve's quick wit and bang-on impressions. And the results are hilarious. Steve's show is fast-paced and his talent to move from one celebrity voice to another is amazing. Combine that with Steve's writing ability, giving him the opportunity to personalize his material for any particular group, and you've got a great evening of entertainment that will delight any audience. Steve's long list of celebrity impressions coupled with his topical humour have made him a popular and in-demand entertainer for conventions, cruise ships, trade shows, and night clubs (including the MGM Grand in Reno and Las Vegas!) His routines are funny without being offensive and popular with audiences of all ages from all walks of life. Whether it's a stadium of thousands or an intimate business get-together, Steve Ivings will make it an event to remember. He is one funny guy.

Recent clients:
• Agora Communications Ltd.
• London Drugs
• Tsawwassen Sun Festival Society
• Thrifty Foods
• Kiwanis International
• Orca Bay Sports

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